Projects in brief:

  1. Personal logo: Create a distinctive logo that communicates both your initials and expresses some aspect of yourself. The logo should work both in black only and in color. This project will involve extensive sketching by hand and introduce the basics of Adobe Illustrator. 12″ x 18″ flush-mounted color and black and white versions.
  2. Event poster for a performance/theatrical play: Create a poster to promote a theatrical production. Final posters, full-bleed, flush mounted on 12″ x 18″ board.
  3. Book cover: Create a paperback book cover, including all type and original illustrations or photo-illustrations. 12″x18″ flush-mounted boards showing flat versions of front, back and spine.
  4. Package redesign: Create a new package for an existing product. You will turn in a final 3-D comp and 12″x18″ flush mounted boards showing flat versions.
  5. Ads: Based on the product you chose for your package redesign, create a campaign with 3 ads to advertise your product. You will turn in a mock up and two 12″x18″ flush-mounted boards showing flat versions.
  6. Sketchbook: Create a book to contain all of your sketches and observations relating to graphic design. This should include extensive thumbnail sketches, mood boards, etc. for assignments; photocopies, scans, and photographs of reference materials; and bits of things that inspire you – from typefaces and logos used in advertisements to papers with interesting textures. You may organize it however you wish, but it should be organized. You will be required to bring it to every class for periodic critiques and discussions.
  7. Digital archive: You will turn in a USB containing all of your work for this class, with all versions of your files for every project we undertake, from beginning to final. This means you will need to save drafts of the various interactions of your work. You will organize it first by project and then chronologically by draft.
  8. Class exercises: You will be asked to do some exercises both in class and at home. They aim to increase your perception and Graphic Design skills.
  9. Ugly poster: details to be announced at a later date.