Grading. Students’ grades will reflect the University’s recent implementation of the plus / minus grading system.

A+: 97-100 A: 93-96 A-: 90-92
B+: 87-89 B: 83-86 B-: 80-82
C+: 77-79 C: 73-76 C-: 70-72
D: 60-69 F: below 60

Each assignment will have sufficient time allotted in order to complete the work. A completion date will be announced at the beginning of each assignment. All completed creative work will receive a letter grade after class critiques.

NOTE: All work must be completed by the due date or your grade will automatically be reduced by one full letter for each calendar day (not class day) it is late. Late assignments are not acceptable without permission of instructor.

NOTE: Failing to participate in any announced critique will result in an “F” for that assignment, regardless of whether or not the student has completed the project in time or not. Students arriving after the critique begins will be permitted to participate ONLY if the student is no more than 20 minutes late.

NOTE: You will receive one grade for each one of your projects. This grade will be the result of three major aspects: your concept, the execution of your concept and presentation/craft. Revisions may be done on any project and submitted at the last day of class ALONG with the original project for a new grade. Both grades will be averaged together, unless revision grade is lower.

Make-up assignments will only be given with documentation of a valid emergency. If you are unable to fulfill an assignment on time, please contact me within 48 hours of the due date so that we can reschedule. However, it will automatically result in a full letter grade reduction and the assignment must be completed within the time determined by the instructor.

Grading Formula

  • Personal Logo 15%
  • Poster 15%
  • Book jacket 15%
  • Package Design 15%
  • Ads 15%
  • Ugly Poster 10%
  • Digital archive / Sketchbook 5%
  • Class exercises 5%
  • Class Participation 5%*

*Students receive credit for participation, which means showing up for the entire class, paying attention and contributing constructive remarks. Mere attendance does not constitute participation.


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