This blog is designed for class dialogue and discourse based on GRD 3000, Intro to Graphic Design course at Georgia State University.

Art 1000, Art 1040, and two additional art foundations 1000 level courses must be completed prior to enrollment in this course. This is the first required course for students interested in the BFA program for Graphic Design at GSU.

Class Description
This class is an introduction to the discipline of visual communications. It is not a class about teaching computer software (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, etc.). It emphasizes the development of creative concepts and the basic understanding and development off a design vocabulary. This introductory course will move throughout the formal as well as experimental use of design concepts and theories and their applications. From initial concept discussions and sketches through the entire development of the assignment it is necessary that each artist be open to verbalize and critique their work as well as their peers within the classroom. Critiques and class meetings will be in room 211. Please expect to work on projects outside of classroom/digital lab time.

Course Objectives
The purpose of this course is to introduce the concepts, principles and techniques unique to the language and profession of visual communications. Students will learn how to sketch and develop their ideas for each assignment through the use of mixed media and digital design. Projects will use computer skills in assisting students to produce their work on the computer for final presentations. Students are required to participate in class critiques during and at the end of each project. NOTE: Students interested in pursuing Graphic Design as a major will be producing work which will eventually become part of the BFA portfolio process and applications which occurs at the end of each spring semester.

Class work
There will be five major projects throughout the semester. Each assignment will be presented in a methodical and problem solving format allowing each student to identify and complete the assignment with a sense of professionalism and focus.

Research in Graphic Design outside the classroom is a necessary part of the whole creative process of learning.

Along with the class assignments, each student will be required to keep a sketchbook with all the process for each project and an online Blog. Both must contain drawings, thumbnails, collages, search for references, notes, and any other kind of records. Sketchbooks must be brought to each class and must show a weekly evolution of current project. They will be checked periodically.