Project: Personal Logo

Create a distinctive logo that communicates both your initials and expresses some aspect of yourself. The logo should work both in black only and in color. This project will involve extensive sketching by hand and introduce the basics of Adobe Illustrator.

10.75″ x 16.75″ flush-mounted color and black / white logos. Printed on bright white bright white paper. No gloss paper, multi-use paper, or copier paper.

Grade 15% (concept, execution, range of ideas, following instructions, presentation/craft)

Final Crit: September 15th (Deadline extended to September 20th)

Download kick-off presentation (5.5 MB)

What Makes a Good Logo
The Logo Design Process From Start to Finish
How to Design a Logo
Bad Logos

Design Inspirations
Saul Bass
Paul Rand
Jessica Hische
Logo Lounge
Gardner Design
Tuwi Design


About alblabblog

Georgia State University, School of Arts and Design. Introduction to Graphic Design, GRD 3000. Instructor: Albert Whitley
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