Package Design

Wolfgang Puck, Food Package System Designed by Duffy & Partners

You will create a new package for an existing product. The package will do more than just look good in the store. The package may be used to store the product after purchase, or it may lend itself to other uses by the purchaser. Your will create original type and images for your package. The box, jar, etc. may be created by you from scratch or “cannabalized” from existing objects. However you must significantly transform whatever objects you use in this project. Consider your existing product in terms of its convenience, ease of use, portion or serving size, opening, resealing, serving from package; directions on package; etc. How can the package improve the overall experience for the consumer? How can the package reinforce and extend the consumer’s awareness of the brand?

First you must consider who that audience is and what their needs are. Some of their needs may be straightforward, such as “a cereal box that can be resealed after opening; paperclips that won’t spill in my desk drawer; a teabag that won’t make a mess on the table.” Some needs may be more complex and ephemeral, such as “soap that makes me feel young; batteries that won’t hurt the environment; a pencil that expresses my individuality.” Because your new package will be unfamiliar to consumers, it should clearly communicate the benefits of the product to its audience.

Type, image and container should work together to convey the feeling of the product. You may use any media you like. The package may or may not be fully functioning, but it should be well crafted. You may want to create more than one package – one opened, one closed – to show off its features.

Option: You may want to photograph your package and print out on 12” x 18” board.

Your package will include:
•    name of product
•    logo and/or name of manufacturer
•    price, bar code
•    quantity, weight, directions for use, nutritional information etc. – as relevant

November 10 – show sketches for at least three different product ideas.
November 15 – bring in sketches and some kind of prototype for your package.
November 17 – bring in-progress comp for discussion.
November 29 – bring in 12” x 18” rough of your final board showing layout and positioning.
December 1 – work day – you may bring your package to shoot in class or work on your own.
December 6 – final critique of package and board.
December 8 – last chance to turn in any reworked projects.

Grading: 15%

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Book Cover

Frankenstein, Mary Shelley. Design: Alfred A. Knopf

Create a paperback book cover, including all type and original illustrations or photo-illustrations. 12″x18″ flush-mounted boards showing flat versions of front, back and spine.

Book dimensions:
Front and Back Covers: 8″x10″
Spine: 1″x10″
Flat dimensions: 17″x10″

Grading: 15%
(moodboard, 4 unique concepts, design, instructions, presentation/craft)

Wednesday, November 3rd

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Get Extra Credit with James Victore

James Victore Inc. is an independent design studio hell-bent on world domination. They strive to make work that is sexy, strong and memorable.

Victore or, Who Died and Made You Boss?
Thursday, October 14th  @ The Portfolio Center
6 pm Book Signing
7 pm Lecture

This is a FREE event for students.

Register here for this event

AIGA-Atlanta Student Board and Portfolio Center invite you to a student driven event for design students and perpetual students of design (aka professionals).

Come for an evening with James Victore and his Greatest Hits…a new book with a compilation of soothing visuals and vulgar language called, “Victore, or who died and made you boss?”

Victore’s won a ton of awards and his works are in a few museums! Come early and get some extra ink on your new book by James himself. Prepare to have your motives questioned and your thoughts provoked.

Thanks to SAM FLAX for their generous donation to help make this event possible!
From now through 10/14 buy Victore’s book at the discounted price of $35 + tax at Sam Flax. Books also will be available at the event at the discount price. Payment by cash or check only.

Extra Credit: Attend this event and receive 5 extra credit points. Must present ticket or name badge as  proof of attendance.

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Learning from mood boards

A mood board is a type of poster design (loose collage) that may consist of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition of the choice of the mood board creator. Designers and others use mood boards to develop their design concepts and to communicate to other members of the design team.

>Video: Types of mood boards

>Article: Why Mood boards Matter

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Poster inspiration links

Below are inspiration links found online.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Methane Studios
A Full Service Design and Illustration Studio: Methane Studios has produced limited edition screen prints since 1998. Bands such as Dave Matthews, etc.

AIGA Design Archives: Posters
Encompassing more than 20000 selections from special collections and AIGA’s annual juried design competitions since 1924.

National Theatre Posters (UK)
This website contains over 650 posters from the National Theatre Archive.

Jazz Posters
A variety of image found online.

Swiss Poster Design
The International Typographic Style, also known as the Swiss Style, is a graphic design style developed in Switzerland in the 1950s that emphasizes cleanliness, readability and objectivity.

James Victore
James Victore Inc. is an independent design studio hell-bent on world domination. They strive to make work that is sexy, strong and memorable.

Luba Lukova
Look at the work of the internationally renowned artist and designer.

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Methane Studios on Poster Design

Methane Studios has produced limited edition screen prints since 1998. We have printed and designed for such acts as Dave Matthews Band, Wilco, Kings of Leon, Eric Clapton, Sonic Youth and a hundred others.

Methane Studios’ Mark McDevitt and Robert Lee
with Michael Ouweleen
Presented by AIGA ATL

Tuesday, Sep 28th  7 pm – 9 pm

This is a FREE event.

Register for this event

Methane Studios got its start in 1998 when Mark McDevitt and Robert Lee formed a partnership to produce silk screen posters for the East Atlanta club The Echo Lounge that featured some of the best independent bands in the late 1990s.

The roots of this partnership started in the mid 1980s at Columbus College of Art and Design located in Columbus, Ohio. Robert and Mark,both from small Ohio towns, majored in Illustration and bonded over bad 80s haircuts, corndogs, good music and creating art to form a friendship that would transcend into creating award winning artwork recognized worldwide.

Today we exist as a two man studio creating package designs, logos, and posters for clients such as Turner Broadcasting, Honda, Liberty mutual, Blue Q, Dave Matthews and many other of your favorite bands. Recently featured on CNN, you can also find their work in many books that feature designs relating to t-shirt, music packaging and of course posters.

Michael Ouweleen, co-host of POLITELY DISRUPTIVE on WMLB, is Sr. VP, Creative Director of Cartoon Network On-Air, and writer-creator of HARVEY BIRDMAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW.

Extra Credit: Attend this event and get 5 points added to your grade. Show proof of ticket purchase.

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Event Poster Project

Event poster for a performance/theatrical play

Create a poster to promote a theatrical or concert production. Final posters must be printed full-bleed and flush mounted on 12”x 18” board.

Must contain: a headline, the director / creator’s name, event date

Grading: 15%
(concept, range of ideas, design, instructions, presentation/craft)

Due: October 13th

Lecture PDF (12.7 mb) Download

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